Transition Effects are best viewed with Flash Player 10 in the Firefox web browser.

A.) Primary to primary
(click on "Job Executor" then "Postal infomation" list item).

B.) Modal dialogue box
(click on "Key in Postage").

C.) Option menu
(click on "Options" button).

D.) Horizontal Tabs
(click on "All reports" tab).

E.) Accordion Menu
(click on "Internet/Network" then "Firewall").

F.) Vertical Left Nav
(click on any left nav button).

G.) Paging List
(click on scroll buttons).

H.) Cascading List
(click on "1st Class auto", "Letter", "Start Over").

J.) Change Layout/View
(click on any left nav button)

K.) Remove Dashboard
(click on #2 paging button or "Options")

L.) Start/Stop
(click on "START" button)

M.)Boot_up_login (to come)

N.) Machine Alert

O.) Machine Disabled