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  • Tom Haines Editor in Chief AOPA Talks about saving fuel.
  • New Experimental EDM740. All in One Engine Instrument. See it here.
  • Finally, ONE Instrument to replace all of your FAA REQUIRED Gages.
  • Best Economy by Bill Cox
  • JPI EDM930 Installation by Richard Koehler
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Special Offers from JPI
Download Your Flight Data
JPI now offers a USB Memory stick completely eliminating the need for a laptop or Palm. This new feature is available on all EDM's including the EDM 700, EDM 800, EDM 769 Twins, etc and even older EDM's.
EDM 930
JPI now offers the EDM 700 & 800 in both 2 1/4" & 3 1/8" displays. Order direct from

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